Every piece is made in limited editions. Especially for you we have selected some spicy ingredients such as cotton, viscose, silk, suedine, polyester georgette, wool- occasionally mixed with polyester or acryl. The ingredients for Spicy Scarves are sourced from allover the world and are combined to maintain the strong characteristics of the Scarves. If a desired Spicy is sold out, we are happy to design you a new similar one!! For enquiries please email to:


  • Base: triangle scarf with hand knotted fringes.
  • 2-layers: base and a second material, mostly in square shape
  • 3-layers: base and a second and third material , mostly in rectangular shape
  • Deluxe: 2 triangels combined with a third material.



Never put your Spicy Scarves in the washing machine! Handwash only: use lukewarm water and a drop of liquid soap, rinse gently with water and hang to dry.


As long as you follow the instructions of your iron. We advise you not to iron the fringes. Each piece is steamed individually before shipping but of course during the travel process it’s bound to get wrinkled so for best results, please steam


In the special pouch you can store your Spicy and take it wherever you go.